How To Make Money Owning a 26-Foot Box Truck

Turning your truck into a mode of money-making outlet is not so difficult when you know more about some of the services that you could offer to your potential customers. Since a box truck is an enclosed cuboid-shaped cargo with an instant cabin opening, there will be a lot of options for you.


Home Moving Services

The cabin of your box truck is a great space for household items. It’s big enough to transport appliances, furniture, and other heavy belongings.

Try to list your service online or on a reliable site where moving families are looking for box truck package offers. Usually, moving in is more likely to set foot at the end of the month. You might want to focus on such seasons and prepare your offers.


Become an Independent Contractor

As an independent contractor, you have more choices when it comes to closing deals with companies that need your service. Most trusted companies give you a clear description of what they want to acquire from you, such as providing loads for them or leading as head operators.


Delivery Services

The e-commerce industry is continually growing. This is good news for businesses as well that belong to the economic cycle, such as delivery services. Providing delivery services tops the most in-demand and highly money-making ventures nowadays.


Hauling Services

Hauling services make good money if you know where to pitch your offers. This is very in-demand for companies who need to dispose of old office file cabinets, outdated electronics, old inventory, and broken furniture.
Stores need to get rid of these things because it could hinder their services and operations as well. Your box truck is the perfect transportation mobile to properly move such stuff.

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Towing Services

Box trucks are capable of handling towing services. It is another opportunity for you to earn extra cash on the side. But before you decide to do so, you need to check your vehicle if it is up for heavy towing or you have a tow hitch.


Mobile Billboard

Marketers and advertisers are getting more desperate searching for available mobiles that can be an outlet for their promotions.
For some businesses, traditional marketing still works and there’s no better way to exhibit their ads than to have it on a mobile billboard. If you do not have your own branding, then you won’t have problems with companies who want to flaunt their own brand through your box truck.


Junk Removal

Go all out and offer junk removal if you don’t mind transporting other people’s garbage. This is not a problem, though, if you set some conditions for your target customers.


Mobile Wedding Services

A wedding needs planning and gathering of all the items essential for that special day. Your service would be a great help for families and couples who would appreciate extra hands to pull off their dream wedding.
You can actually offer flexible services since your box truck can transport, food, tables and chairs, decorations, and other items.

Through our extensive list of different services you could offer, you are well on your way to turning your box truck into a cash cow.
What is important is taking action. Ideas are not worth anything until they are put into action.
Best of luck, and be sure to let us know how it all goes.

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